OPERATION DURING THE CORONAVIRUS EPIDEMIC

 We all have missed having the range during the Covid-19 closure but now, happily we see the situation easing up a bit to allow us to open back up
on May 16th. The are restrictions and procedures we have to abide by are for our own well being and for the community in general.

 Several of the board have been scrambling behind the scene to research the fast changing state regulations and what we need to do and what to
procure to comply. At a teleconference meeting on the 11th of may we passed the measures and rules that would be suitable for us to reopen, but may
change with changing dictates from Montpelier and with better methods and materials we find as we go.

 Because of the tight supply of hand sanitizer, please bring some your own until we can get in enough to provide for all.
 There will be plastic sheet coverings on the shooting benches and disinfectant sprayers provided. Spray the table tops and wait 5 -10 minutes for it

to work before using the bench. Please keep the sprayers at the bench for the next users.
 We may not be able to have target boards back up by the re-opening; bring a cardboard box or a portable stand to use until then.

 The co-operation of everyone will determine our ability to remain open.


                                                             GENERAL RULES OF COMPLIANCE (AS OF 5/13/2020) :
Vermont Executive Order Compliance Rules to fight Covid-19 spread at this Shooting Range

* Maximum number of persons using this facility at any time is 10.

* Vermonters participating in outdoor recreation and fitness activities to “arrive play and leave.”   
* Groups may not congregate before, during or after activities.  Maintain the 6 foot+ “social distance.”

* Facilities are only open to Vermont members and those non-Vermont resident members who have
 met the 14-day quarantine requirement.

* No one may enter if they have symptoms of respiratory illness.

* All members are required to wear face coverings over their nose and mouth any time they are
interacting with others from outside their households.
* Practice good hygiene: Wash hands often with soap and warm water for 20 seconds. If those aren’t
available, use a good hand sanitizer.

* Avoid surfaces that are touched often, such as doorknobs or handrails.
* Try not to touch anything; The coronavirus can survive on objects for several days, and that applies to
commonly touched outdoors surfaces like railings, fences,sign
sand trash cans.

* Per State regulations, restroom facilities may only be opened if they can be regularly cleaned and
disinfected in accordance with VDH/CDC guidelines.  The restroom facilities in the Club House will be
closed until further notice, but the Port-o-let is open for use.  All users of the Port-o-let must disinfect the
contact surfaces of the Port-o-let both before and after use.  Disinfectant materials will be provided for

For the safety of your family and self and to insure continued operation of this range, please not only  
follow these directives yourselves, but help enforce them with others.