2018   Hunter Safety Courses

We are pleased to announce hunter education classes will again be available this spring and summer with the generous support of
CCFG, VT Fish & Wildlife, and the town of Richmond. As you may know, passing hunter education is mandatory before purchasing
a Vermont hunting license for the first time. It is also an important part of teaching safe firearms handling practices and handing
down Vermont’s rich hunting tradition to the next generation. Lead instructor Jamie Smith is excited to bring 20 years of experience
as a hunter education & bowhunter education instructor to these classes. The CCFG board understands that time,
space, and access are precious. Field day activities at CCFG will be broken into small groups to minimize impact, and allow
members access to all facilities.

Interested students can register online at vermontfishandwildlife.com, by calling VT F&W’s hunter ed division at 802-828-1193 or
by simply clicking the link at the bottom of the page.
CCFG allows a waiver for educational events, so students do not need to be a member to participate in these classes.

For questions about class specifics, or if you are interested in helping instruct (regardless of your previous teaching experience)
please contact Jamie directly at: james.p.smith.iii@gmail.com or (802) 324-9202.

The summer course date and details are not yet established, check back at a later date.

For details and registration for this year's course, click on the link below: