Chittenden  County Fish And Game Club
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Shooting Range

To encourage the use of eye and ear protection, an ear plug dispenser and safety
glasses have been provided (at the middle shooting shelter) for anyone who forgot
theirs at home. Please return the glasses before leaving.
Other new items are a bin containing taget frames for mounting shotgun targets for
turkey guns, buckshot and patterning. Using these off to the sides will extend the life of
the regular Homasote frames which are destroyed by scatterguns.
Also, we now have a cart to make hauling gear and guns from your car to the benches
and back easier, and all in one trip. Please return the cart to the gate for the next
person to use.


In keeping with our tradition, the fishing derby for all kids under
15 years old will be held on Father's Day, June 21st from 8am
sharp to 11am. Both ponds will be stocked full of hungry trout.
Membership is not required and is open to all.
There will be trophies, many prizes, raffles, a snack bar with hot
dogs, hamburgers, sodas, etc. and fun for all.
Be sure you are ready to go at 8am because the most fish are
caught early